Thursday, August 15, 2013

Truman is one!

My *sniff* BABY *sniff* is *sniff* ONE?!?

How? When? Why!?

Alright enough of that shit. 

I'm happy our little man is one. This stage is hella fun, and we're enjoying him so much!!

I have so much catch up to do on our family blog... kinda sad! I just don't get on here much. :(

Here's some pics of T the morning of his bday :)

Here's some pics from our family photo, and smash cake session

Here's pics from his bday party

and his store bday party :)

I have to say my favorite thing of his bday was on the day of his party I took him to the bathroom at the community bldg, and put him on the diaper changing station to change his clothes and other business. When I stood him up to take him off he wrapped his arms around me pat me on the back and gave me a kiss. It was like he was saying "thank you for doing this, and having so many other kids here for me to play with, this was so much fun". It really made me feel good. He's an angel.

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