Wednesday, October 2, 2013


So no ones paying me or giving me anything for this post, I just want to share my week one of being a subscriber to
James and I have been juicing our dinners for about three months, and we've enjoyed it, the health benefits and the cool kitchen concept. We'll continue to juice a time or two a week. I wanted a change, and I wanted some guidance. I know it's easy to pull out the dusty recipe books and search high and low through them, but that has never been successful for me.
As I've said before the "what's for dinner" drama saga drives me battttttyyyyyy and I needed some HELP! So I googled "meal plans" and viola!
Here's some interfaces:

The meal plans on the website
The App

The Apps shopping list
The results:

crock pot chicken
Yummy Ham!

Jambalaya (in the process)

Plus I made lemony chicken sandwiches to take to a party and received lots of compliments!

Anyways, that's my culinary awesomeness for the moment.
Headed to the grocery store with my app in hand!


  1. Oh I like the shopping list! My sister started a dinner swap club. You make a freezable casserole dish like say chicken enchiladas but you make 6 casserole dishes of it, then make one more meal x6. Then you swap meals with 6 friends who have done the same. You end up with 12 prepared dinners! I love make ahead meals.

  2. Oh! I love this idea. I always sit down with a cook book on sunday to try and figure out dinners... it's annoying!


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