Thursday, December 5, 2013

Quartley Update - or - Wow I Suck at Blogging Now That I Have A Toddler

Wow, alright so I'm not going to lie, I've opened up a couple of times to write an update and just walked away from it. I don't know what to say, I don't know what you want to hear.

Lets start with my little blessing: It's Christmastime after all.

Tiny Boy
see also: whistle britches, killer, little man, T-Rex, T-pain, Stinky, what-have-you 

Tru has become a full fledged toddler, he gives Mr. Mayhem a run for his money. He's 16-months old and some change and constantly, and I freaking mean constantly going. He makes the energizer bunny look like a sloth. He is absolutely into everything, very curious, still pretty serious, but gets easily tickled now. To be honest a lot of the reason this blog has fallen to the way-side is because I have NO time to sit down and write a book! :: that plus I hates blogging on my phone. I couldn't tell you how tall he is, how much he weighs, how many words he says or really even how many times he generally poops in a days time because I just can't keep up with it anymore.
I will say that he's in this very aggressive, rough and tumble stage .... I really don't know what to do with this. Everyone's all like "Whip his ass" and I'm all "Wahhh!? He doesn't know he's being rough." Luckily he hasn't hurt anyone but me and James (not seriously)  I keep saying things like "be easy, gentle, gentle" and show examples (especially to poor Hank, our dog). Hank deserves unlimited amounts of treats for the flack he catches.

I'll insert a bunch of cute as hell collage style pictures later. 

My sexy mister

James is doing great, he's still in love with his job, hunting and me so it's all well and good.
He's been deer hunting once and duck hunting several times. I told him last night. "Love me like you love duck season" and he said "Oh I love you much more than duck season" haha... I don't know if I buy it!
James and Tru's bond has really strengthened, there are certain things that Tru will only do with James... like eat dinner, or read books. It really melts my heart. He absolutely wants nothing to do with me when daddy is eating.  And he brings "brown bear, brown bear" to James at least six times a night. :))


I'm not winning any awards for mother of the year anytime soon nor am I even competing, ah the judges, the santimommies would laugh at my entry!
I cook, I clean, I child-rear to the best of my ability, I love on my family, husband, friends and puppy dog as much as possible. I've decided to not put a tree up this year, I don't want to fight the fight. I don't want to spend the money for a table top tree, so no tree but my fabulous golden centerpiece tree that I bought several years ago. (It's still fabulous) I am pretty much done with Christmas shopping, I need to go all over it all again sometime soon, I'm keeping it all very simple. 

I'd say that cliche" I'm too blessed to be stressed" but that would  be a lie.

Since this blog has no sort of privacy features I'll keep my woes to a minimum, I really only have one, but it's a big one.
My dad is sick, like sick, sick. It makes me very sad to say the least. Please keep him in your prayers or put him in there. This whole event has made my walk with God stronger, but I still need all the help I can get.

If you'd like more information or perhaps his Caring Bridge information feel free to contact me.

Now to insert all those fun collages I promised you: ;)

And what kind of gourmet chef would I be if I didn't show off my food! 

Oh yes, that happened. 


  1. Prayers for your Dad. You are all looking just as dapper as always lol

  2. Hey you blogged! Love all the pictures and tru stories!


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