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1 for 2 Crock Pot Meals: Pork Roast with Citrus Salsa & Chipotle Pork Tacos with Tomatillo Sauce

First things first: These pictures do not do these dishes ANY justice, I took them with my phone, on Instagram, really fast, quick and in a hurry because we were hungry!!
The next time I prepare these meals I will:
1. take better pictures.
2. double BOTH recipes
3. invite friends over to enjoy one or both of these because it's been my favorite eMeals recipes so far!!

I gave this recipe set to my coworker a few months ago and she actually hugged me and told me how much she and her picky husband loved them after they'd prepared them both.

"Thank you thank you for giving us something new, different and healthy for us to try, we BOTH loved it!"

My husband kind of turned his nose up to the idea of pork with a citrus salsa, but after every bite he ate he'd say "Mmm! Mmm!"
So there you have it!

I may have to put these items on my grocery list stat!


Pork Roast With Citrus Salsa
Spinach Vegetable dinner salad

Pork Roast With Citrus Salsa
Spinach Vegetable dinner salad

8 hours in crock pot, 15 minutes prep.
This Serves TWO, so adjust accordingly! 

Main dish ingredients:
1 TBS Canola Oil
1 1/2 pork shoulder, trimmed
1/2 TEA Salt 1/2 TEA Pepper
1 TEA paprika
1 Cup chopped onion
1 Cup chicken broth
1/4 Cup grapefruit sections, chopped
1/4 Cup orange sections, choppede
2 TBS finely chopped red onion
1 TBS seeded, chopped, jalapeno
1/8 TEA Salt
(optional: add some pineapple to this mammer jammer!)

Main Dish Instructions:
Heat oil in large skillet over medium-high heat.
Sprinkle Pork with salt and pepper
add to skillet
cook 8 minutes, or until browned on all sides.
Transfer pork to a 5-7 qt slow cooker
sprinkle with paprika 
add onion and broth to cooker
cover and cook on LOW for 8 hours
(reserve 1/2 of slow cooker mixture for the next meal) 
Combine grapefruit, orange, red onion and jalapeno and the remaining 1/8 TEA salt in a medium bowl.
Serve over pork.

Side Dish Ingredients
3 Cup spinach leaves 
1/4 Cup thinly sliced cucumber  
1/4 Cup thinly sliced red onion
1/4 Cup thinly sliced carrot
1 TBS Olive Oil
1 1/2 TEA white wine vinegar
1/2 Dijon mustard
1/8 TEA Sugar
1/4 TEA Salt and Pepper 

Side Dish Instructions: 
combine spinach, onion, cucumber and carrot in a large bowl
combine oil, cinegar, mustard, sugar, S & P in a small bowl
stir with a whisk
drizzle oil mixture over spinach mixture, toss to coat.
And now for the next day's goodies:
Chipotle Pork Tacos with Tomatillo Sauce 
with a sweet potato arugula salad 
** serves 2 so adjust accordingly!  

Main Dish ~ 20 minutes to prepare and cook
Side Dish ~ 40 minutes to prepare and cook  

Chipotle Pork Tacos with Tomatillo Sauce 
with a sweet potato arugula salad 

Main dish Ingredients:
4 corn tortillas
reserved pork from above meal, shredded
1 TBS adobo sauce from canned chipotle chile en adeobo sauce :: this can be found in your Mexican/Asian section of your grocery store. 
1/4 Cup chicken broth
1 avocado, pitted and chopped
2 medium tomatillos, finely chopped
1 small tomato, chopped
2 TBS finely chopped red onion
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 TBS fresh lime juice
1/4 TEA Salt
1/4 Cup chopped fresh cilantro

Main Dish Instructions: 
Heat tortillas according to package directions
combine pork, adobo sauce and broth in a saucepan
bring to a simmer and heat thoroughly
divide pork mixture among tortillas
top with avocado
combind tomatillos, tomato, red onion, jalapeno, garlic, lime juice and salt in a medium bowl
Top tortillas with tomatillo mixture and cilantro.

Side Dish Ingredients
1.2 Sweet potatoesm peeled and cut into 1-inch pieces
2 TBS sour cream
2 TBS thinly sliced green onions
1 TEA cider vinegar
1/2 TEA salt 1/4 TEA pepper 
2 Cups arugula 

Side Dish Instructions: 
Place sweet potatoes in a sauce pan, add water to cover.
bring to a boil
boil 14 minutes or until potatoes are tender, drain.
cool 15 minutes
stir in sour cream, green onions, vinegar, salt and pepper
add arugula, and toss well.


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