Saturday, January 18, 2014


 Since all the major networks are merging the month January into fun names, I decided to do the same.
This January has been packed full of fun! Between the snow, late Christmas parties and 56 degree weather, it's been a trip. This time is so much different than Jan 2013 when little man was just learning to sit up, and took lots of trips in the Ergo.
Tru has really gotten into coloring, cows/horses,tractors/cars and making car sounds, and he loves his Peg Buddy family, even though sadly daddy peg has gone MIA.

Also emotionally, err developmentally I'm seeing lots of interesting progress: Tru is much more affectionate now giving long sweet hugs and kisses, and in that same breath he's also pretty physical. We went to a birthday party a few weekends ago, and he hit a sweet, innocent, wonderful seven-month old upside the head because he was in the car he wanted. Here I was surrounded by other families of youngsters and I panicked, what to do? what not to do? yell? brush it off? I didn't want to be disrespectful and I don't want Tru to be either, so in this situation I immediately checked on the poor seven month old who was un-phased by it (thank the sweet lord) and removed my munchkin from the situation and told him no hitting, we don't do that.

I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook as you may know, and the other night I found myself scrolling through my news feed to come across a similar situation and lo and behold the commenter's submitted links for this mother to read, and I read a couple of them too! So now when Tru attempts to be physical to James and I, I say things like "hands are for hugging not for hitting" and maybe it's the cut tooth/ getting over virus/ moon phase but the physicality episodes have extremely decreased.

I know one thing for sure, what my dad has harped in my head all my life is proving to be true: "Lead by example". So I'm doing my absolute BEST to turn: Yelling at Hank (the dog) situations into {Calmly walking over to the door and saying "Outside"} and trying to keep Tru out of things he's not suppose to be in into: {let's go upstairs and play in your room, or lets draw!} good ol diversion.
I'm learning people, I'm learning. 
I can also say with absolute certainty: Being a take to work momma is a lot of work! Very difficult to find a balance, every day is new, every day is different. I'm still trying hard every. single. day.

See, it's not all happiness and sunshine as so many people want you to believe their lives are.
I pretty much only stop to sleep, and even still I'm night nursing my little dove, or checking for fevers at four AM (lately :-/ )
*High fives self, and gives E for effort*

Here are some insta-lovlies from the past 17 days of 2014

| 1. lots of hide and seek, peek a-boo and drawing!!! 2. Jech Christmas, checkin out the ponies. 3. Jech Christmas, hanging with Bee and 4. Headed to work with a little sickling. | 

 Fun times indoors! 1. I love the top picture, my childhood neighbor, Mary Jo made Tru a Raggedy Andy she went on and on about how "this was messed up and so was that" but I think he's perfect, and a real charmer. Note: she did make the doll for baby, not for momma. ;) 
2. Lots of hugging on Luigi, a little froggie I got at our local florist, Pigmint in Fayetteville back in the fall. I thought he looked so familiar and as it turns out, he's a Bla Bla Doll that I've seen on Instagram/ this gal's feed
3. I have lots and lots of help in the kitchen! 
4. Someone has taken over the tri-pod mommy got for Christmas and 5. Meme's reading glasses, entertainment for "hours" in toddler world-- two minutes tops in our time. 

Lastly our 55 degree plus escapade this past weekend, I love watching him be a boy, I grabbed my big ol lens, gave him his space and let him go. 
We walked all the way over to the neighbors horse field, but they weren't impressed with our kissie noises and our "here horsie, horsie, horsie" 's.


  1. Popping B's hand was definitely not our best idea. He's picked up on it. He also doesn't respond to time outs so its a tough little guy to discipline. If my coloring you mean munching on crayons, glue, glitter, ect. then we have that down pat ;)

  2. Being a work at work mom is the hardest job. Everyone tells you how lucky you are, and you are lucky! But.....its really hard to work and be a mommy in the same office. Cuddos to you! I said after mia NEVER again but here I am signing up to do it again with baby dillon!


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