Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Play Dates and Wine Induced Art

Fun times picture update!

Momma let loose!!! I got to go have sushi, and some red wine, and some fancy coffee that I enjoyed still warm with my buddy Emma! It was a BLAST a much needed blast!!
Em's and I went to Painting with a Twist in Bentonville and created some art... mine is probably the most breath taking things you've ever seen. It's okay to stare. I know you can't help it!
I know it's awful, but here's what I see when I look at it: Good Times.

Weekend play date with our buddies Braden, Quentin and Carlie.
We had so much fun! Everyone came out to our house and we had Turkey Chili and all kinds of goodies. It has been so long since we'd seen Braden and his folks, so it was wonderful to catch up and watch the boys interact with one another! 

And what kind of weekend post would this be if I didn't add some insta-lovelies:

It's obvious, both of the boys love their doggies... so much so that I believe they're a bit confused!

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