Sunday, February 9, 2014

2 for 1 Meals: Leek & Potato Roast; Hominy Pork Soup with Cilantro

I wasn't going to share this one, y'all.
It's pretty obvious that I love me a good 2 for 1 recipe, but on the night of the Leek and Potato Roast I thought to myself "meh, this could be better."
But then night two came around, and it was time to make the Hominy Pork and Cilantro Soup
This clip is exactly how I felt about this recipe when I took my first bite of the Hominy Soup-

So I feel that it's my duty to share it with you, even if you just have left over pork roast some day, do the soup! If you even *think* you love hominy, do. the. soup.

Also Friends: Let me know if you like this style of recipe sharing, or the typed out variety. 


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