Sunday, February 9, 2014

Look at you, thirty-two

This week we celebrated my dear husbands 32nd Birthday!
James' favorite cake is "yellow cake, chocolate icing" plain and simple.
In the past his mom has always made him a cake, but with this years weather I assumed it would be a long while before she was able to make him a cake and get it to him. SO with my glorious 9" round cake pans I bought for my Hummingbird Cake escapade I embarked on making a simple box-cake for my man.
Side note: box-cake, holy crap THAT was easy!
So my sidekick and I baked the cake, while the cake cooled we goofed off around the house doing nightly duties, like feed bubbles and take a bath.
: cut to a couple hours later :
I pull out his (remember per his request) store-bought chocolate icing, and get to cracking...
and it wouldn't spread...

{Did I mention it's the dead of winter, propane prices through the roof so we're conserving by keeping our house 60 degrees?? No I probably didn't mention that.}

It wouldn't spread and it wouldn't spread causing the cake to peel off, I grab the jar and read over it, nothing about microwaving it, adding anything to it, nothing. By this time my little sidekick is getting antsy, you can see it in his eyes "I wanna do that!!" So I call over my husband, explain to him that I can't get it to spread, and I've torn the whole thing up. I hug him, tell him happy birthday anyways and really it will still TASTE good even though it doesn't LOOK good. ---
So, we let the 18 month monkey have the reins. *blinks*
He LOVED it!
In the bottom two pictures he's looking back at James. Love.
{Calm down ovaries}

Just a bit more and I'll be quiet:

Since James' cake didn't turn out, one of our prestine pie makers made him a Pecan Pie, and since the weather was so bad, James got to remotely work from my work on his bday, that was a lot of fun!

Tru made his daddy a birthday card:

And being the practical wife that I am: 

James collects 2 dollar bills, so I've been collecting for quite a while now and gave him my little stash. 

And to just go ahead and completely assure you all that we're old as $h!t-

I bought my hubs a compost bin.
Because:"Life's a garden, dig it."


  1. It sounds like a perfectly imperfect birthday, full of love. :)

  2. It sounds like a perfectly imperfect birthday, full of love. :)

  3. 60 guys are troopers. I would have taken out a second mortgage to pay the propane bill. I'm a baby.


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