Wednesday, April 23, 2014

An Epic Easter

We had such a wonderful time this year! Everyone got to come, but Ben & his family. Their little girl, Dama is still a little too new to subject her to all the touching/kissing/loving by general germy folk like myself. Baby D was born several weeks early and she's doing famously!

Let's start with my goober-decor 

The banners are from our wedding *swoon* I still love them so! The balls were a gift from my mom, she's in love with Joy Cho's "Oh Joy!" at Target
The egg-stra large Easter eggs were a gift from Becki, she's had them for several years and passed them down to me! (Yay!!) 

We re-arranged out living room and did some more de-cluttering/simplifying. I'm so tickled with the way it looks, so we're going to keep it this way.
Little fluffs from Easter past.
*gasp* my husband bought me flowers. Let the record show this is the first time EVER.
Let the record also show he bought them because I forgot my wallet in the store. 
I'm guessing we had over 200 eggs!
Becki gave me this big egg, I can recall my mom having the same type growing up!

Using up paper/plastic products from parties past. Once I deplete these I'm going to purchase either biodegradable ones, or splurge and buy reusable/ melamine goods.

Becki also made these little clay eggs for our wedding. Still love them.

I believe that our house is always under a chronic state of "spring" with the birds, and duck type things everywhere. 

James was out moving cattle when little man woke up, so I took pics of him playing with his EB loot.

Oh the fun was had by all!

I can't believe Mollie snagged this, all of them looking AND smiling. FYI T's egg was stragically placed there. #nudist #hippycarelessparents 

At this point he'd been up for 12 hours with no nap. He was so sound asleep I'm pretty sure we could have done newborn contortionist poses with him. 

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