Thursday, April 17, 2014

what up

Happy almost Easter friends!

The Jech Deck has been busy, busy as of late!

Quick lil recap:

We've been working our bottoms* off around the house since my last post. We've managed to re-mulch the landscaping, completely de-clutter the house (phase one anyway), redo our driveway with repurposed, crushed asphalt, burn a big-big brush pile in the back of the property (s'mores anyone?) and next is lots of topsoil for the yard and garden area.

* mommy has a potty mouth and is working very hard on adjusting it. 

When we're not working on the house I'm doing my best to run/walk three miles up at my brothers new house. To this country girl it's been the best and safest place to run in an area that is not conducive to exercising people on their highways. re: no shoulder re: horn honkers re: texting and driving idiots re: i run with my kiddo so I must consider his safety above all re: that was nerdy.

We're also in a promising pursuit of a church to attend as a family. It is my dream to find a place where James and I feel comfortable as well as Tru feeling comfortable in a sunday-school / future youth program. We've got a couple more that we'd like to check out. It's been interesting getting James' feedback on it because he's not into the contemporary music, and I am more geared towards the welcoming/loving environment.

Little man is doing well, he's really enjoying these warmer days and we can't seem to keep him in the house! Yesterday he had his first of two cavities filled at his pediatric dentist office, and that was a very trying time. I'm pretty sure that a part of me very deep deep in my core died yesterday. I hate so much seeing him go through the process and not being able to understand WHY. The assistants, doctor and observer were so sweet and caring towards him. They talked about doggies and Hank. He seemed the most at ease when we'd talk amongst ourselves and not directly at him. Which I was expecting the opposite from him. They were very fast and after his nap it was like it never happen.

who could forget food? Not me, it's on my mind like 24/7 ... I cooked a super yummy orange glazed pork loin last night, but it's not exactly pretty. However I'll have to share the recipe because it was YUM!!!

:: and now for crappy picture explosion

donating to the big brothers, big sisters.
New Drive! 

 Mulchin' it up and getting ready for Easter! 

The 3 miles is exhausting on this one. 

And the mounds of laundry every weekend now from doing too much other, more fun things. 

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