Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cleaning out

Wow did May really get away from me with not writing a post? Impressive. 
I actually took a bit of food hiatus for the past four weeks and focused on cleaning out the freezer, deep freeze, and pantry. And here sometime in the near future James and I are going to embark on primal/paleo eating. And YES I realize I sounds kinda silly but it's all starting to make sense- James is fairly lactose intolerant and right out of college I had an actual dietitian I was seeing who told me it was evident that I'm carb sensitive. So there ya go. Plus it helps set the stage of me not eating refined sugar/desserts/bad carbs (we'll still be taking in carbs but more under the form of things like sweet potatoes and carrots.) 
Tangent over!
I wanted to share with you all a favorite "clean out" meal I made for James. He adored it, and said that it was the best he's ever had. He and Tru crushed it, I on the other hand didn't love it. (See: hates mushrooms) 

My {kitchen sink} Beef Stroganoff

You'll need: 
A bit of flour 
A pack or two tenderized round steak, I think that's around 3-4 lbs 
A packet of onion soup mix
A packet of beef stroganoff mix
A little can of mushrooms (if you like)
And say beef broth to taste - and by to taste I mean to get your crock pot liquid where you need it. 

Pat meat down with flour and cook over medium high heat until browned/lookin good. (So technical) 
Then transfer to crock, put the packets in a bowl with the directions amounts of water, mix and add to crock. Add mushrooms and desired broth. Cover and cook low for 7 hours. 

Cook yerself some egg noodles and viola! 

My hope is to get a marinade or two posted soon! 

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