Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Paleo Progress

Hey there-
Just a little check in on my Paleo progress:
Looking at the calendar it seems I've been doing Paleo for about 35-40 days now. I'm down four or five more pounds and into 1/2 of my "goal jeans" and went to the Gap and got to buy in a size smaller for my shirts and shorts! This is all good-great-grand-wonderful but the best thing is the way I've felt, not "oh I'm sooo skinny" (because I'm not, like at all) but my blood-sugar level is so good! I don't have peaks and valleys throughout the day of "someone feed me some pie or I'll eat my way to it through the walls". I'd say I'm still a carb-aholic and a sugar-aholic because temptation is still there and always will be, but my self-control is higher than it's been in a long, long time. And let me just say its not a "girl don't eat that you're better than that you can do it" it's a "meh, looks good but I'm okay with out it." and that makes a huge difference. In the 35-40 days of paleo yesterday was the first unplanned "cheat" I did and I do blame my cycle on it almost entirely, I felt miserable afterwards so I think we all know not to do that again (we meaning I always have conversations with myself and I'm a total nut job).
So lets pretend you asked some questions:

Did you say Unplanned Cheat? You're on a diet why are you cheating!?
Yes I did! I've allowed myself to do the whole 80-20 approach and in the past thirtyish days I've allowed myself maybe 6-7 beers, the occasional *gasp* dairy (re coffee creamer, cream based dressing) dessert and wine with my group of friends and I treated myself to a fro-yo date with my sister in law, and awesome niece and nephew complete with some chocolatey toppings.

What's the easiest part about this diet?
It can be limiting, lets not dance around that but once you figure out what your limitations are it's pretty stinking straightforward. Make the best paleo choices you can and go on with your life.

What's the hardest part?
That sneaky dairy is a hard mammer-jammer to cut out, and a lot of restaurants I've been to recently don't offer a dairy-free dressing (or even a V&O caddy). 

What do you snack on?
At work, I snack, I can't hardly help it. So for example a typical day I'd snack on Brads Raw Leafy Kale, a serving or two of berries/watermelon or a diet-like nut mix (there's an amazing one in bulk at Ozark Natural Foods)

What about meals?
I am pretty much on autopilot for breakfast and lunch, with slight varieties that keep things interesting.
Breakfast = 2 hard eggs and breakfast ham/turkey bacon *or* a dairy free western omelet loaded with veggies and sometimes spinach.
Lunch = a chicken salad, sometimes a cobb-esque salad, some times a mexican-eque salad.
Dinner =  eMeals.com Paleo plan and everything we've made thus far has been yummy AND really relates back to my Clean Eating plans so I'm able to use a lot of my oils, vinegars and spices that I purchased. I'm going shopping soon for 5 days of meals and thanks to what I've already purchased in months past (staples wise) I'm going to buy 17 items at the grocery store.

So, four or five pounds? That's not much, what's up with that... I'm not impressed.
Well, I've been working out four to five times a week doing a mixture of HIIT, running, toddler wrangling, swimming (-ish), and now cycling again so I am definitely building muscle, maybe that's why? Or maybe the fact that I'm still consuming fruits and nuts? I do count my calories and it's averaging out to be 1800 a day. The scale can be disappointing but I do think it keeps me in check. 

Here's some of our dinners these past few weeks.
beef zucchini boats

pesto zucchini noodles

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