Friday, August 8, 2014

Enter: Year Two

I can't believe we have a bonafide two year old on our hands now!
He turned two like three weeks ago now, but I'm just now finding/taking the time to post, we also went on a vacation over a month ago that I'd like to share as well. The two year old man cub is sleeping now as I type. My home computer hasn't been online in so long I think it's still trying to recover from the shock. Lets just say, my browser is rather "vintage".
Here's some pics and captions that sum up the week/weekend that was Truman's Bday!

Daddy making fun of me for not replacing his wedding band in over a year.  "lets take a ring picture, oh wait!"

 I can't take credit for this shot, I'm pulling Tru and James is snappin'.

Work Party! The girls were so sweet and got him a picnic table, just his size. 

Cake Uno

A legit haircut, not a butcher job done by his mom. You're welcome kiddo. 

cakes two and three, that back one was the bombbbbbb.

Birthday Swag, and handmade Anne and Andy's by my moms sweet neighbor. 

Day one of swim lessons! 

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