Friday, October 17, 2014

Kahlua praline cake

As promised, here is my long-time friend, Diann's cake recipe. I can't even begin to explain how decadent, rich and addicting this cake is! I've not made this cake before, but after reading over the recipe it  seems so doable! So go! Make it! Enjoy it! And save some for me. * wink * 

From our humble Clifty Cookbook- 

Diann Polston's:  Kahlua Praline and Cream Cake 

for cake: 
1 box white cake mix
3 eggs
1 C. kahlua
1/2 C. Oil
for pralines: 
1 C. Butter
1 C. Brown Sugar  
1 1/2 C. Chopped Pecans
for frosting: 
1 (3-4 oz) instant vanilla pudding
1 1/2  C. Milk
8 oz. Philadelphia brand cream cheese   
12 oz cool whip 

Combine Kahlua, cake mix, oil and eggs in large mixing bowl. Beat two minutes. Pour into 13X9 cake pan that's been sprayed with cooking oil.  Bake according to cake mix package, do not over bake. 
To make pralines: combine butter, and brown sugar; heat until boiling. boil for two minutes, stirring constantly. Pour into pecans, remove from heat. Pour over cake. Allow to cool completely. 
To make Frosting:  combine pudding mix, cream cheese, milk and cool whip. beat until well mixed and very thick. Spread onto cooled cake and refrigerate. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

feelin' fine at twenty-nine

So, I celebrated my Birthday about a month ago now, haha. It was such a nice time. I really, really, really felt the love. It reminds me daily to count my blessings instead of my stresses for sure.

I had not one, not two, not three, not four but FIVE different celebrations that week!
My insanely awesome co-workers mad me a Kahlua praline cake (it is amazeballs, I'll share the recipe soon) and bought me some much needed goods for my kitchen at home.
James took me out on a lovely date night, only to follow up with my great friend having her baby that night! (yay sweet little birthday buddy!) and my folks took me out to Doe's, my cousins and SIL threw me a flipping surprise party!! (mind exploded!!!!) and we finished up the weekend with a lovely lunch at my SIL's house with a cake made by the best niece ever.
Lucky, lucky, lucky I tell ya. I'd been kind of down and out, letting my mind eat away at me, but not any more. I can't even begin to tell you all how much I needed a little spark like this.

little man got a hold of the cake first... (jaime)

birthday brigade
i died.

headed out to party! <3 br="">

My new pumpkin from my cousins!

yum yum yum *boom* seriously, you gotta try this cake!

Other than mama, this is the best thing anyone's ever called me.
Oaklea Rose is HERE!!!!!!!!

A couple bday gifts-