Thursday, May 7, 2015

Little Man+Little Miss : {Double digits have arrived!}

Our sweet baby girl should make her appearance within the next 13-15 weeks! I'm allowing myself to go post estimated delivery date, of course. The heat and weight may change my attitude between now and then but I want her to come when she's ready, and on her own, (ideally) even if that means going past the EDD.

 Over our vacation I hurt my hip(s) and have since then been seeing a chiropractor whose really helped me get back to feeling great! He's given me great tips to help keep my hips in better shape and he and his wife are going to be there in the later weeks of pregnancy to keep me comfortable and ready for birth! Between them and my doula I feel really prepared physically and mentally.
I'm still in a complacent place in this pregnancy. A lot of thinking "What will we do if X? What will we do if Y?" A lot of thinking about how our son is going to adjust, and how we are going to adjust into a family of four (five if you'd like to count our fur child). Just a lot of preparedness that I didn't even know about before our first born.
You honestly just don't know until you know... you know.

One thing I do know, I'll be cutting out dairy, and going back to paleo here in the next couple weeks,and for quite awhile after pregnancy. I know that I'll have her checked for lip and tongue ties, I know that reflux (even silent) can be a culprit, and I know about these growth spurts and how she'll be on me like a chubster at an all you can eat buffet. I know that I need to give myself and my house some slack. I know that I need to rely on James and anyone that is brave enough to come over for help. And I know that our boy is going to go through some major adjustments that may not be easy.

 Speaking of the boy, he started preschool! We are so proud of him. I really think he'll enjoy himself and he's in good hands. He's such an independent one and I feel like this approach is the best for him. He's very sensory, hands on, manipulate material kinda guy that I feel like this is right up his alley. He's also began speech therapy a couple months ago for being expressive-delayed. I think he's really starting to like his speech path, and I really like her too! What a neat and rewarding job to have!

Over the weekend we went to a mini-derby at Equestrian Bridges, it was a fundraiser for autistic children to receive equine therapy. Such a neat place! I want to go there every weekend and ride! Little man was in LOVE with the miniature horses, he rode twice and in between "races" he wanted to be by the corral where the "race horses" were. He's got a lot of his momma's "Ellie Mae-ness" in him with huge compassion and love for animals.

And last for you, another selfie of yours truly. I started getting a Maternity Stitch-Fix from Stitch Fix does women's (maternity and non-maternity) clothing. It's a monthly clothing service where a professional, personal stylist helps "style" you. I hate shopping and I hate the mall and I only ever wear things I find at Target or at Sam's Club, so I really needed some help. I really liked my first fix she sent the shirt and the necklace you see in the picture above, as well as some black maternity crops, a high-low shirt that'd be perfect postpartum too and a sweet faux-leather moto-jacket that I'm having major remorse that I sent back. The quality of all the items was really nice and the prices around the 40$ mark. I get my next fix later this month, I can't wait!

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