Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Yesterday was my estimated due date... TMI but it was that "first day of your last period due date" I also I have a cranial measurement due date we took when she was 20ish weeks of 7/30. I don't give due dates too much merit because well, they're estimates. :)
Feeling really good, feeling positive and a little antsy to be honest. But physically I feel really good.
Gave my body some majorly due credit and love today and thanked it for being so strong and powerful through not only this pregnancy but the last one as well. I feel that I'm incredibly critical and hard on my body and I've not gave it near enough credit that it's due. I'm going to try to be gentler to myself during establishing a nursing relationship again and healing postpartum. I owe me that much. Do you think you're too hard on yourself too? I have to remind myself often that I am a soul, I have a body, and this body is flawed but it's capable and good.
Over share, but I even drive past my dads grave site and think angry thoughts of his body failing him, but that's not where he is, just the shell of what carried his larger than life soul.
Guess that's all I really have to say about that.

Moral of the story, love your body! Or keep trying really, really hard to like in my case.
It's the only one you've got.  XO

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