Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Welcome, Willa!

*there are intimate pictures here, so reader beware.

Willa’s Birth Story.

I’m not sure where to begin! Her birth was so different than Truman’s. Truman’s was organized and planned. He was post dates induced, broke water at 6AM, born before 2PM for Tman. We laughed with the doctor and nurses between contractions and pushing. Willa’s was almost polar opposite! And I wouldn’t have changed a thing.
Sunday before her birth we were all lying in bed and I felt my stomach tighten up, thought it was her balling up. Then it happened again and again. So finally we started timing them and then they just stopped, same thing for the next night.  

Wednesday I’d been to my weekly check, it was 4CM and 60% effaced, almost double what I’d been the week before. She said “You’ll be in like Flynn” and she was right. I asked her if there was anything I could do to help things along and she said “Just enjoy your evening” so we did just that. James and I met up with T and we had Mexican food on our favorite patio in town, complete with good music. I got home and the contractions started again. I could tell it was coming! We decided to go to sleep and see what happens. I woke up at 2:15 Thursday morning, and pain was radiating in my back and around to my abdomen. By 2:30 we were out the door with a sound asleep Truman, headed to the triage of the women’s hospital. * And I cussed every stop light we hit and timed contractions all the way there. Mollie my SIL met us there and took Truman home with them (life savers).
 We got there and I was still at four (what!?) they monitored me in the triage for an hour (something I didn’t know they’d do) and within an hour I was at a 6 and being admitted. I shivered and shook from the moment I laid on that table, it was awful. She asked if I wanted an epidural and I answered yes faster than you could blink an eye. I’d not planned for a natural birth, and honestly I couldn’t remember the breaths, I asked the nurse “okay give me some breathing tips” and my dad’s probably ONLY health advice he ever gave me came flowing from her lips “breathe in your nose and out your mouth”. So I did just that and with every contraction dad’s words of wisdom came into my mind. 
I’d gone from a four to a six within an hour, and by the time the anesthesiologist got to the room I was at an eight, and excited to see him. I was scared of the pain; I have no problem in admitting that. I was scared. He left our room at 5:30 with the epidural about ½ ass set up. By Six AM I was complete and felt ready to push. The nurse assured me that the pressure was just her moving down and that she’d really like to see me at a positive station before they break water and start pushing.  I could tell the epidural wasn’t a total success, the pain had dimmed a bit but the pressure and oh I don’t know, 75% of the pain was still there. We rested between contractions and I did my best to breathe through them. Finally our doctor walks in the room at 7:20, breaks my water, gives me one practice push and then suits up in her delivery attire (IDK the proper name) the nursery crew comes in and by 7:31, and three intense pushes and the most pressure I’d ever felt in my entire life later my doctor says “April, open your eyes” and I get to see my precious girl for the very first time. We locked eyes and I began to cry. They let me put her on me skin to skin immediately and I just sat there quietly relishing the moment with tears of pure joy. I watched James cut the cord and he snapped some pictures. James did an amazing job considering everything that was going on. I have to say he had to go lay on the couch twice thanks to the intensity of the situation. (That’s love friends!)

A little side by side comparison of how much our babies look alike! Tru was 7#11oz and 21", Willa was 8#14oz and 21" too.
Truman is a super, duper big brother. He's very proud of her and loves to touch and be near her. Makes my heart just soar. It's incredible how much he's taken to her. 
Welcome to the world little Willa Dawn! 

3:10 – 4
4:00- 6
5:10- 8
5:30 – 9.5
6:00- complete


  1. I might have cried a tiny bit. So beautiful, April. I'm so exstatic for ya'll!

  2. It made me cry a lil too! I can't even imagine how big your heart is right now with two sweet babies and getting to see T be a big brother! I can't wait for that day! Hope yall are settling in well at home! Congrats!

  3. Bawled like a baby. I'm a sucker for birth stories. What a perfect girl!

  4. I totally cried! What a beautiful story to match such a beautiful girl :)


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