Monday, November 23, 2015

stitch fix: postpartum experiene

My obsession with Stitch Fix continues...
So there I was, nothing but maternity clothes and pre-baby clothes. Living in sweats, tanks and still looking about 5 months pregnant with my postpartum pooch. If it wasn't for requesting postpartum and nursing friendly tops from Stitch Fix my last month of pregnancy I'd of not had much in the way of flattering. And by flattering postpartum outfits I mean my trusty sleeveless rayon nursing/mat tops that I wore out for months and months after T's birth. Not that there's anything wrong with that, they're just wore slick out from years (yes years) of use.
My stylist Traci pulled through like a champ for me! Sending slouchy a sweater to pair with leggings (or maternity) pants to wear to her doctor appointments. Comfortable and loose wrap dresses, one casual and one kinda dressy (worn to baby showers pp and a wedding reception). With my 25% off because I bought all 5 pieces each item was around 35$ a piece. I think they do their best when you say "The cheaper, the better" on your style quiz. 
Since pregnancy I've gotten a couple fixes, here are some of my faves below!

If you decide to try stitch fix, I'd so appreciate it if you used my referral link. It doesn't cost you anything and it gives me a little credit. Also you can cancel stitch fix anytime if you don't think it's right for you. Their customer service is awesome!

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